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Hopkins Montessori School

Toddler Community Announcements

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all staying cozy this weekend! I just wanted to share a few announcements with you.


Upcoming Events:

2/18: Presidents Day – No School

3/11: Parent Teacher Conferences – No School

3/25 – 3/29: Spring Break – No School


Toddler enrollment has doubled since the beginning of the year! Maxie, Joshua, and Eva C. all joined our class in January, bringing our total to 10 children. It is so much fun to observe our bustling classroom as so many friends are engaged in their purposeful work. This week, we will be adding some new food work! To start, friends can choose between either a  traditional prepared snack or a food work to prepare and eat by themselves. All children will now be offered milk with their morning snack to make sure they each have something from 2 food groups. As always, water is available to drink at any time from the Brita. Food works include spreading, peeling, slicing and chopping!


As you know, Valentine’s Day is coming up! In an effort to reduce paper waste, the toddlers will not be exchanging Valentines. Instead, we will have a special treat for snack to celebrate!


We are so proud to have so many friends working on toilet learning! There is a lot of activity in the bathroom these days, and many children are changing their identical underpants several times a day. If your child has made the transition into underwear, please label the back of each pair with their initials. This will help us stay organized and make sure you get all of your child’s underwear back at the end of the day!


On that note, please be sure to label any clothing/outerwear that comes to school, and be sure your child has everything they need to play outside. It would also be very helpful if children leave anything they don’t need for school at home or in the car. When the children bring toys or other items from home into the environment, they can be very distracting and can become a source of conflict. Thank you for your cooperation!!


I am working on creating a parent resource library for those of you wanting to learn more about the Montessori philosophy as it applies to infants and toddlers. Books will be available for you to check out later this week. They will be placed on the shelf next to the white board in the entry way. If you would like to check out a book, please take the card from the back of the book, write your name and the date and place it in the library folder in the yellow box.


Finally, I am excited to announce a big change in the HMS community! We have a new Assistant Teacher joining us! Her name is Sam and she will be opening in the Toddler Community in the morning and closing in the Children’s House in the afternoon. She will be training with us this Thursday and Friday, and she will work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the following week. She will be with us full time beginning February 25th. Erin will continue working with us part-time as a substitute teacher. Since we love Erin so much and this will be a big change for our small community, your child will likely want to talk about it. We will talk about making new friends and missing our friends who we don’t get to see all the time. We will also talk about how wonderful it is to have so many adults that love and care about our friends!


As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Keep us with us by following along on instagram @hmstoddlers!

Kind regards,


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