According to Dr. Montessori...

“A child’s work is to create the person she/he will become.” Children are born with special mental powers which aid in the work of their own construction. But they cannot accomplish the task of self-construction without purposeful movement, exploration, and discovery of their environment – both the things and people within it. They must be given the freedom to use their inborn powers to develop physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

“We must make an immediate collective effort to foster the development of personality…Exactly what is personality?...Only the child can guide us, and he can do so only after we have prepared our inner selves to follow him.” - Dr. Montessori

Your child will receive instruction from highly qualified, professionally trained teachers that are all trained in the principles and pedagogy of Montessori education. Our owner holds a Master's Degree in Montessori education. We ensure your child gets the expertise they need to grow not only academically but individually as a contributing member of our global community.

Areas of Discovery

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him or her into the world.” -Dr. Maria Montessori

Referring to her classroom setting for the young child as a ‘prepared environment’, Dr. Montessori emphasized the importance of the beauty and order of the physical surroundings in assisting normal development.  The ordered availability of these various materials is essential.  Dr. Montessori called her materials ‘didactic’ or ‘teaching’ materials, since she wanted to emphasize that the materials themselves were designed to do the teaching.  The teacher acts as a guide to the use of the materials in the environment, rather than a giver of facts.  The teacher’s function in the classroom hinges on the ability to observe the children accurately.


The sensorial materials are designed to give a sensorial impression of the world already experienced by the child.



Geography is the study of the life of humans and animals, the way they live, and the way of life that has been established by a human society to sustain life.



The Montessori environment provides the child with ample opportunities to explore and deepen his/her spoken language through whole language and phonetics.



Science is an integral element of discovery. Among other things, it represents a way of life: a clear thinking approach to gathering information and problem solving.



The Exercises of Practical Life are just that — purposeful activities of everyday living.



Mathematics is made tangible for the child through the senses and movement.



The children learn songs of all kinds, including those song in Spanish and other languages.



Opportunities for art are always a part of the classroom environment focusing on mastery of mediums such as drawing, stamping, gluing, cutting, painting, etc.


What Our Parents Say

Testimonials from our families
We could not be more happy with HMS. The teachers are truly spectacular, and the environment is warm and inviting. Our 5 year old started there when she was two, and will be going to kindergarten this year with the knowledge and education a grade or two ahead. HMS cultivates a thirst for learning in even the most apprehensive child. We are moving our second child from an excellent care center / school to HMS as soon as she's old enough this fall.
Michael M
Hopkins Montessori offers a program catered to developing young minds through gentle guidance. Children are able to explore their world in a real and functional setting with tools to foster learning in practical life, mathematics, science, nature, reading and more. The teachers are so caring, and really allow the children to exercise their independence in a safe and enriching environment. My 3 year old daughter comes home excited to show me what she's created and learned and takes such pride in the work that she's accomplished and created. She has grown leaps and bounds socially, academically, and emotionally. Hopkins Montessori provides everything and more for a young preschooler to explore their world.
Rebekah A.
HMS is beyond our expectations. They truly love and care about our kids. We feel so lucky to have them.
Seran K.
Hopkins Montessori provides a warm and supportive environment to learn in. After touring several preschools, I toured Hopkins Montessori and new immediately that I wanted my children to spend their preschool years there. I could easily see the teachers dedication and knowledge of the profession. It is a family environment, and I feel that the teachers work very hard to get to know each child and customize their learning so each child is successful. The environment is also very organized, inviting and interesting to young children. I would recommend the school to anyone, and there is no where I would rather have my children learn and grow!
Haley H.
Our family is so in love with this community of diverse, caring teachers and families. My four year old is attending for her second year. HMS has been a major contribution to my daughter's social and emotional well being.
Jessica BM
We wanted Montessori pre-school education for our 3 year old son, and were very impressed by the creative spaces and lovely environment at the Hopkins Montessori School. Three months into the Fall semester, we are very happy with our choice. As parents, we recently observed with pride that our son behaved so appropriately and politely when interacting with cousins of all ages in a big family gathering.
Ying CA