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Once shown how to use a certain material, the child is encouraged to return to it on his or her own to practice. Observation allows the adult to know when to introduce new concepts.

It is the transformation of the adult, into one who reveres the child as master of his own destiny, that becomes necessary to complete the ‘dynamic triangle’ between adult, child and the environment. The adult must become one committed to observation of the child in order to assist in the development of the whole person. The ability to make connections for the child between inclinations and the materials in a prepared environment is a most critical skill. Observation, preparation and a ‘disposition appropriate for the task’ are the means to foster the work of the child in ‘creating himself’.

Ms. Rachel

Owner, Head of School, Lead Children's House Guide

Ms. MacKenzie

Director, Lead Toddler House Guide

Ms. Sarah

Lead Toddler House Guide

Mr. Raymo

Lead Children's House Guide

Ms. Sophia

Children's House Volunteer

Ms. Luz

Toddler House Assistant

Ms. Sara

Children's House Lead Guide, PM.